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Library system for government libraries

One search in your legal library & information management system for:

  • Print & electronic resources.
  • Published and unpublished materials.
  • Books, encyclopedia, journals, loose-leafs, articles, law reports, government publications and photos.
  • E-books, e-journals, documents, files, spreadsheets, know how, knowledge, precedents.
  • Plus more!
  • One search – from anywhere – for print or electronic resources.
  • Find published or unpublished information.
  • Rapid self-help check out.

It’s a modular library and information management system, so you only need to pay for the modules you need.

  • Catalogue so you know where all your resources are.
  • Electronic Resources Management.
  • Web OPAC or online catalogue so library users can search for library & information.
  • Access & Loans so you can control access.
  • Acquisitions to help you manage expenditure & budgets.
  • Serials Management.
  • Inter-library Loans.
  • Hosted on Bailey Solutions platform.
  • New versions and patches applied for you.
  • Nightly off-site backups.
  • ISO 27001 for information security.
  • GDPR compliant software so you know user data is looked after properly.
  • Encryption of data.
  • One-way salt hash passwords  protection, so nobody else can read passwords.
  • IP filtering available to secure your site to allowed computers.
  • Data conversion.
  • Training.
  • Consultancy.

Designed by a library consultant*

  • Easy self-issue system for library users.
  • Fully responsive screens so anyone can access your system using mobiles, tablets or any size computer screen.
  • Unique 3-layer structure to help you manage multi-volume sets of journals, loose-leafs, law reports, precedents and encyclopedia.
  • Multiple work-flows so you can manage multiple locations with one system.
  • Financial controls so you can manage budgets easily.
  • Full serials management that really copes with the complexities of serials.

* Penny Bailey, BA, Dip. Lib, MCLIP, MIoD, FRSA.

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Highly useful features

Our highly useful features will help you manage your library easily. Autocatalog, loans, reservations, reports and finance are some of our features.
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Fairly priced system

Our library software is fairly priced. We have a modular pricing. You can pay for only waht you need.
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