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Introducing the modular library management system.
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The Core Library Management System

KnowAll Matrix is a fully integrated library management system. Find out what’s included in your core annual Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription for KnowAll Matrix:

Catalogue icon


Everything you do in your library management system starts with a catalog record, whether you’re creating metadata for hard copy or digital resources.

Our library management system helps you manage print and electronic sources. It comes with standard fields already set-up. But if these aren’t quite right you can change the field names and create new custom fields. So, you can really get your system exactly how you want it.

Our AutoCat function helps you quickly add catalog records to your library management system. It automatically downloads bibliographic records and images for you from Google Books, the Library Hub libraries and specialist sources.Downloading images means your users can easily recognize books and documents and immediately understand what type of media they are looking at.

  • Cataloguing – allows you to record bibliographic details for all types of information: books, e-books, pamphlets, documents, spreadsheets, journals, e-journals, encyclopedia, law reports, web sites etc.
  • Templates – choose between the multi-purpose screen or templates. Create and edit your templates.
  • Media – setup your own authority list of Media formats for the lookup list.
  • Classification – store Classification headings and/or notations for your lookup list.
  • Publishers – create your own authority list of Publishers for the lookup list.
  • Subject Indexing – assign as many appropriate subjects or keywords from your Taxonomy as you wish to titles.
  • Document Links – link library titles to documents in your knowledge management collection.
  • Hyperlinks – to e-books, web sites, web documents, e-journals etc.
  • Full Text Searching – available for text and large text fields
  • Copies and Holdings – keep track of individual copies and their holdings.
  • Fully integrated with the other Modules.
  • Labels – produce spine labels and book labels.
  • Catalogue Reports – generator so you can easily run off reports.
  • Supplier Address Book – allows you to keep details of multiple addresses, account numbers, contacts’ phone, fax, email etc. and hyperlinks to their web sites.
  • And more – if you can’t see what you’re looking for contact us

Web OPAC for Library Users

KnowAll Matrix homepage


Web based Online Public Access Catalog (web OPAC).


We understand how important it is to offer an appropriate interface to your library management system so your library users can easily discover resources available to them no matter where they are.


  • Switch off features you don’t want to use.
  • Re-label fields.
  • Re-order fields.
  • Decide which fields you want to show to users.
  • Control which fields are searched.

You’re in full control!

You decide how openly available your catalog is or whether it is securely restricted. You could be a lending library or a reference only library.

Everything from open, anonymous browsing to fully extensive password policies and IP blocking features are available.

  • Browser based interface – simple to use.
  • Simple search – with automatic truncation.
  • Advanced search – with phrase searching or Boolean logic.
  • Relevancy ranking and other sorting options.
  • Narrow search results by media, e.g. book, journal, CD, website, document.
  • Narrow search results by office, branch or campus.
  • Narrow search results by subject.
  • Narrow search results by author.
  • Select items for printing or exporting to citators.

Other search and browse features not listed here.

If users log in to your library management system, they will have access to their own account features:

  • My Account.
  • My saved searches.
  • My favorites / bookmarks.
  • My current loans.
  • Self-renewals and returns.
  • My reservations.
  • My loans history.
  • My alerts.
  • My reviews.
  • Select items to print or export to citators.
  • My details.

All the above features are optional – you decide whether you want to offer them to users.

Other web OPAC features not listed above include:

  • Images of the front cover or media icon.
  • Hyperlinks to documents and web resources.
  • User reviews.
  • Automated emails to users about new titles.
  • Check-out / Check-in pages for self-loans.
  • ‘Ask me’ link to library staff.
  • Library info page.
  • New titles list.

We are adding new functions all the time – if you don’t see what you want please contact us.

User Management

We take care of keeping your users’ data private across your integrated library system so you don’t have to worry about it.

We get you started by helping you import your users from Windows Active Directory or another central user registry into the KnowAll Matrix library management system.

As users come and go or change their details, the KnowAll Matrix library management system has the integration tools to automate this or help you maintain users efficiently and painlessly.

Add users.

Import users.

Bulk updates.

Email users.

Installation and Setup

You don't need to worry about a thing. Our expert software engineers will install your software on our hosted platform, or remotely on your servers, for you.

One of our application engineers will carry out your initial library software installation on the hosted platform and provide you with access details. There is no need to involve your IT staff.


The installation is included in your annual subscription price.

Bailey Solutions will add your logo to your site and apply your colors as part of the setup.


If you want to change this later on, you can either do it yourself via the system's configuration settings, or ask us (we may issue a small charge depending on the nature of the work).

Fully Maintained for You

We perform nightly backups of the data in your library management system. Backups are encrypted in transit and at rest off-site.


When we host your system, there is no need for your IT to be involved in backups or maintenance.

Whenever an update is available for your library system, Bailey Solutions will apply it for you. Your system will always have the latest fixes, enhancements and new features.


There's no need for your IT to handle any product or update installations.

Some library system vendors charge for new versions of the software - but not us. New versions are included in your annual subscription, and include:


  • Fixes for errors - issued as patches if they are urgent.
  • Improvements based on feedback from our clients.
  • New features and functions suggested by our clients.

Help and Support

Our support engineers are ready to answer your questions by email or phone, Monday to Friday during office hours. We use dedicated software to track your queries and make sure we answer them promptly.

You can get answers to your questions at any time of the day by searching our dedicated KnowAll Matrix help center.


Everyday tasks and system processes are explained with illustrated step-by-step instructions.


Your comments are welcome to help us improve the content.

Our clients rarely leave us for another system. It's because we listen and respond to your questions and act on your feedback.

Optional Library Management System Modules

Add these modules to your core library management system if you need them.

Access and Loans (Circulation) Module

Our Access and Loans module replaces the traditional Circulation module. This module uses roles and permissions that you assign to your users, so you control:


  • Who sees which library and information resources in the OPAC
  • Who can borrow print resources - by media type or controlled by other attributes like department or location
  • Who can access electronic resources - to comply with your licence terms.

You can control access to electronic resources by:


  • Geographical location
  • Vendor
  • Department
  • Type of user
  • Individual title record
  • Other attributes

...Depending on your licence terms for each electronic resource.

The circulation controls that you'd expect in a traditional library management system, including the setting up of lending policies, are all here too:


  • Loans - record loan of items to borrowers
  • Returns - record return of items to the library
  • Reservations - record reservations
  • Overdues - print of email overdue notices
  • Fines - default setup, usage optional
  • Management information - reports and statistics
  • Choice of Traditional Controlled system OR Open Self-Loan system OR Hybrid system.

An important part of demonstating use of your library is the ability to produce hard facts and figures about how your library is being used. KnowAll Matrix library management system provides ready at-a-glance statistics on access and lending activity. There are also easy to use pre-configured reports ready to view, print or email to colleagues.

Finance and Acquisitions Module

  • Orders – record orders for new books and serials.
  • Receipts – record goods received in bulk or one at a time.
  • Invoices – record invoices and credit notes.
  • Handles combined deal invoices.
  • You can print a report of items on order with a cost total.
  • You can print a report of items overdue, so you always know what is outstanding.
  • Chase suppliers for missing items.
  • Match your suppliers’ statements to your invoices so you can verify receipt and payment of invoices in minutes.
  • Year end – cancel or roll-over outstanding orders.

Use our Finance Report Generator to run off pre-configured expenditure reports in an instant. Saves time and allows you to review expenditure whenever you want.


  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Quarterly reports
  • Financial year reports
  • Variance with budget
  • Actual and committed

Based on the date parameter you choose:


  • Order date
  • Invoice date
  • Date received

  • Easy budget allocation, including splitting costs.
  • Flexible – you determine categories for breaking down expenditure.
  • Estimating tool to help with forecasting.
  • Run off pre-configured budget reports and forecasts.

Other features not listed above include:

  • Fully auditable to comply with regulations.
  • All finance is linked to each Copy.
  • Integrates with the Catalog Module – no need to re-key the title – easily move back and forward from title to finance records.
  • Integrates with the Serials module to record invoices for subscriptions, serials and other recurring expenditure.

Serials Management Module

The important thing to realise about our serials module is that it’s flexible and it works. It’s quite forgiving if you need to change a pattern.


  • Subscription wizard – step by step wizard to help you set up new subscriptions.
  • Renewals – instant renewals with a one-step procedure.
  • Forthcoming issues predicted.
  • Review subscriptions easily.
  • Handles for services with different frequencies, e.g. monthly issues, quarterly bulletins and annual indexes.
  • Suitable for complex legal serials.

  • Quickly record receipt of subscription parts, journal issues and loose-leaf updates – they are all ready to check-in with a single tick.
  • Add in extra supplements or ignore an issue.
  • Claim late or missing issues from your suppliers.

  • Easy to review circulated copies and add new users to the appropriate copy.
  • Easy to manage circulation lists for each copy.
  • Print labels or circulation slips for received issues.
  • Contents pages functions.
  • Email the list of users.
  • Automatic removal of users who have left.
  • Transfer routing list from one user to another.


Not an exhaustive list so if you can’t see what you want, please ask.


Inter-Library Loans Module

  • Improve efficiency for inter-library loans processes
  • Keep track of borrowing from multiple libraries
  • Systematic recall.
  • Reduce fines for overdue returns
  • Automated system cuts down on paperwork
  • Analyse frequent requests to consider purchasing the item
  • The ability to transfer details to main catalog cuts down on duplication
  • Uses up-to-date technology to communicate with users

  • Set-up multiple lending libraries
  • Enter library codes, loan periods, account numbers, passwords, etc.

In KnowAll Matrix the Inter-Library Loans module is integrated with the Loans or Circulation Module. This truly is an integrated library system!


  • Loan items to borrower
  • Return items and check overdue loans

  • Borrower and lending library reports
  • Overdue reports and automatic email reminders

  • Add, edit and delete requests for loans and photocopies
  • Track request progress
  • Send requests using email or print reports for fax and post
  • Transfer item details to main catalog
  • Print copyright declaration forms
  • Library costs and charges to borrowers

Contact us today with any questions

Optional Services for Your Library Management System

Data Conversion Services - to get you off to a great start with your system

Bailey Solutions can help you with the migration of data from your old library management system. We can handle data from other library management software packages as well as structured formats like Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, MARC 21 and XML. This can save you many hours re-keying data and gets you up and running fast.

Quote and feasibility report


  • You send a sample file or files of your data.
  • We respond with a feasibility report.
  • We send you a maximum price quote with no obligation.

Pilot phase


  • You send us your data .
  • You carry on working in your old system.
  • We compile a data dictionary: matching every field in your old system to a field in KnowAll Matrix.
  • We write your data conversion program and run it over your data.
  • We carry out quality control checks.
  • We deliver your data in your KnowAll Matrix system.
  • You review and report back any thing you need changed.

Live phase


  • This phase happens as quickly as possible.
  • Immediately prior to the agreed delivery date you send us your live data and we run your individual library data conversion program.
  • We give you access.
  • You are now up and running with your live data in your KnowAll Matrix library management system.

If you purchase data conversion services we will help with project management. Using Teamworks, we set up a project with a pilot conversion and then a live conversion phase.

We have experience of helping over 500 clients transfer from their old system to one of ours. You will benefit from our tried and trusted processes and clear project management.

These prices are for guidance only. Your data will be assessed and we will provide a maximum price quote for your consideration before any work takes place.


  • Catalogue: $860
  • Additional modules: $860 per module

Prices shown do not include local taxes.

Training and Consultancy Services

While we’re told our library management software is intuitive, we also have a range of training and consultancy services to get you off to a great start. After all you don’t know what you don’t know!

Ask us for training or consultancy at your premises in order to benefit from face to face interaction and hands-on practice.

We have standard training courses to cover the basics in each module you have purchased, or bespoke training and consultancy days designed to meet your specific requirements.

Great for top-ups or to help you with troubleshooting.

This is an inexpensive option. Sessions can be arranged at short notice.

Online session – $100 per hour (60 minutes)


On-site training – $860 per day (7 hours) plus reasonable travel expenses incurred.


Prices shown do not include local taxes.

Our Promise to you is a Fair Deal

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