An Introduction to Hierarchical Taxonomies for Modern Librarians

Modern librarians need a variety of tools, including hierarchical taxonomies. Information is arranged into hierarchies using this taxonomy structure, with more general terms at the top and more specific terms at the bottom. Librarians can easily organize, index, and aid retrieval by mastering the use of hierarchical taxonomies, enabling users to retrieve information resources more quickly and effectively. In this blog post, we’ll look at the foundations of hierarchical taxonomies and the best working methods for contemporary librarians. ​

How to Choose Library Management Software for Law Libraries and the Seven Most Important Features to Consider

It might be difficult to decide on the best library management system for law libraries. A lot of factors should be weighed before settling on a choice. To assist with the selection process, we have compiled a list of the top 7 criteria to consider while vetting library management software for law libraries. Your library will be well-organized, efficient, and user-friendly if you take use of these capabilities, which do everything from classifying items to considering the user experience and more. Find out what functions a legal library management system should have by reading on.

What are benefits of SaaS library management system?

What are the benefits of a SaaS library management system? What do you look for in a library management system? User-friendliness? Time-efficient admin? Seamless access to print and digital resources? Cloud library management systems are a huge opportunity for the library management sector. They are simple and efficient to use, save on admin time through automated …

5 key questions to ask your library system provider to ensure a hassle-free library data migration

5 key questions to ask your library system provider to ensure a hassle-free library data migration Considering switching library systems? Perhaps your organisation is migrating to a cloud infrastructure and you need to do the same. Maybe you realise your current software is no longer fit for purpose and you need a system that’s going …